PVC-enclosed Conductors

Channelling electrical protection, with the use of current displacement. Applicable for security, like mobile electric power supply with fixed paths (straight or curved) on : cranes, hoists, moving electrical machinery, moving equipment and in general, wherever it is necessary to have mobile power.

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  • Service security.
  • With a single moving assembly, the line remains ready for use.
  • Any section of the system can be replaced, using 4m sections.
  • Discretional extension of the system.
  • Power supply by end feed or by line feed.
  • Thermal expansion is absorbed by each module.

Classification of the degree of protection of the Modular System LM-4 (CEI 144, DIN 40 050 and UNE 20-324-89) : IP 237.

Introduced in PVC dielectric housing of four poles, earth pole is marked with a yellow strip, in different versions according to intensities. With assembly of various parallel systems, obtaining the major number of poles and higher current capacity. Conductors freely installed in the housing, permitting different expansions in the copper and the PVC, likewise dispersion of the heat providing for effect Joule.

Possibilities to assemble in indoors or  in outdoors with service temperatures between -10º and +50ºC. For outdoor installation, the mouning plan is different and the system components are specially treated and screws are made of stainless steel, they have various references.

Special installations: Lengths greater than 280 m, working curves, mixed installations of outdoor-indoor etc. Consult our Technical Services, providing sketches and service conditions.


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