The company was founded in the 1960’s. We currently supply our products to the major companies in our home country of Spain from the first years and we expanded from the 1990’s exporting to over 50 countries world-wide.

We are the Spanish specialist and market leaders in the field of developing and producing mobile electric feed systems for : cranes, hoists and other mobile machinery.
Our customers are included into these sectors :
  • crane manufacturers for industry ( warehouses, steel mills, shipyards, waste handling, mining, . . . ),
  • crane manufacturers for ports ( container cranes, . . . ), 
  • lifting equipment
  • automotive industry, . . . .

We manufacture products such as :
  • small to heavy duty festoon systems
  • explosion proof festoon systems
  • multipole PVC-enclosed conductor systems
  • copper-head conductor systems and current collectors
To compliment the above products, we also provide electrical cables, cable reeling drums and moulded items, such as insulators, etc.

We always provide the best solution which fits to our customers’ specifications including customized solutions for the special requirements of our customers.